JOURNAL OF HYDROCARBON POWER ENGINEERING <div class="thumbnail elemBordersquare">&nbsp;</div> IFNTUOG en-US JOURNAL OF HYDROCARBON POWER ENGINEERING 2311-1399 <p>Copyright Notice</p> Researching the fracturing of the reservoir rocks <p>Research results of the impact of physical processes upon reservoir characteristics of rocks have been presented.&nbsp;The influence of the radial direction of the filtration flow on the permeability has been studied on cylindrical core samples with a&nbsp;central opening. The influence of the stressed state on the permeability and crackability of rocks have been evaluated.</p> S.S. Kurovets, I.V. Artym, I.M. Kurovets ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-13 2018-12-13 5 1 1 6 Choosing the bottom hole assemblies for drilling stabilized well bores in conditions of information uncertainty <p>A statistical model of the choice of non-steerable bottom hole assembly (BHA) for drilling stabilized well bores is&nbsp;proposed, based on the results of analysis of the field data and taking into account multifunctional requirements under conditions&nbsp;of information uncertainty. The algorithm for calculating the static and dynamic characteristics of non-steerable BHAs with nongauged&nbsp;support-centering elements (SCEs) is specified. There are developed algorithms for solving the problem of the BHA&nbsp;choice.</p> M.A. Myslyuk, R.M. Dolyk, I.V. Gavrylov ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-13 2018-12-13 5 1 7 13 Influence of nanoparticles on the physical and mechanical properties of modified epoxy-composite coatings <p>In the work, to form a composite material with increased physical and mechanical properties, an epoxy diane oligomer ED-20, a hardener polyethylene polyamine PEPA and a modifier 2,4 diaminotoluene were used as a binder. The dependence of the&nbsp;nanoparticle content as a mixture of nanodispersed compounds on the physicomechanical properties of epoxy composites was&nbsp;studied. To form a protective coating with increased cohesive properties, the optimal content of nanoparticles is q = 0.5 pts.wt. by&nbsp;100 parts by weight of epoxy oligomer ED-20, which provides an increase in the ability of the developed material to resist static,&nbsp;dynamic, and shock loads. The adsorption and catalytic activity of nanofillers has been proved by optical spectroscopy, which&nbsp;provides interaction with the side chains of the epoxy oligomer chain, as a result of which the cohesive strength of the materials&nbsp;increases.</p> D.P. Stukhlyak, S.V. Yakushchenko ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-13 2018-12-13 5 1 14 21 Non-stationary processes in the gas transmission systems at compressor stations shut-down <p>There are presented results of analytical studies of the nature and duration of non-stationary processes in complex gas<br>transmission systems caused by the shut-down mode of individual compressor stations. A mathematical model of the gas pipeline<br>has been made, taking into account the influence of compressor stations on the basis of classical gas flow and continuity<br>equations using the Dirac source functions. Realization of the created mathematical model by application of the Fourier and<br>Laplace integral transforms allowed to obtain a dependence in the analytical form, reflecting the nature of the oscillation in time<br>of the mass flow of gas in the initial and final sections of the gas pipeline. The constructed graphical dependences of the trend in<br>the performance of the gas transportation system at its beginning and at the end showed the effect of placing the compressor<br>station in the gas transportation system, in particular its serial number on the route number, on the nature of the non-stationary<br>process caused by its stop, in particular, the duration of non-stationarity. The results obtained and the final conclusions will be<br>useful in forecasting the operating modes of gas transmission systems, especially when they are not fully loaded.</p> V.Ya. Grudz, V.Ya. Grudz (junior), V.B. Zapukhlyak, Ya.V. Kyzymyshyn ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-13 2018-12-13 5 1 22 27 Pecularities of calculation of throughput capacity and energy consumption of oil pipeline at parallel operation of pumping units <p>The peculiarities of hydrodynamic processes in the case of parallel operation of centrifugal pumps on the pipeline are&nbsp;established. The method and software for determining the throughput capacity and energy efficiency of the main oil pipeline for&nbsp;the use of multi-type pumps operating at oil pumping stations are developed. It has been proved by calculations that, under&nbsp;certain conditions, a parallel operation of the pumps can have advantages over the traditional sequential scheme of their&nbsp;operation.</p> M.D. Serediuk ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-13 2018-12-13 5 1 28 31 Method of evaluating the rhythm structure of a cyclic signal through defining the additional countdowns of a discrete function of rhythm <p>The method of evaluation of additional countdowns of a discrete function of rhythm is being considered by taking into&nbsp;account single-phase values of the countdowns of the simulated cyclic signal, which is rhythmically related to the studied one.&nbsp;Considering the equality of the attributes of cyclicity, additional isomorphic countdowns are chosen in a simulated cyclic signal&nbsp;at all segment-cycles and segment-zones. Then the rhythmic structure is evaluated taking into account the defined additional&nbsp;countdowns. The obtained additional countdowns of the rhythmic structure provide the possibility to evaluate the behaviour of a&nbsp;discrete rhythm function between the countdowns’ limits of the segmental structure.<br>The developed method can be used in automated digital processing systems (of diagnostics and forecasting) of cyclic data:&nbsp;cardiac signals of different physical nature, cyclical economic processes, processes of gas, water and power consumption,&nbsp;processes of surface formations of modern materials for evaluating the countdowns of the rhythmic structure that provides the&nbsp;information relating to the rhythm (pace) escalation in time of the magnitude of time intervals (distances) between single-phase<br>values of the cyclic signal.<br>The developed method allows solving the problem of evaluating the countdowns of the rhythmic structure through&nbsp;obtaining a rhythmically coupled cyclic signal from a simulated implementation with the initial, studied additional countdowns&nbsp;that correspond to single-phase values in all segments of the cyclic signal. In further research, it is planned to use the obtained&nbsp;information for developing a method for choosing an optimal interpolation polynomial for adaptive interpolation of a discrete&nbsp;function of rhythm on the corresponding segment-cycles or segment-zones.</p> I.V. Lytvynenko ##submission.copyrightStatement## 2018-12-13 2018-12-13 5 1 32 38