Development of a polymer matrix with improved performance characteristics for protection of vehicle elements


  • M. V. Brailo, A. V. Buketov, S. V. Yakushchenko, A. V. Sapronova, O. S. Kobelnyk, I. T. Yarema, I. P. Fesenko



composite material, epoxy-polyester matrix, heat resistance (according to Martens), means of transport, protective coating, shrinkage, thermal coefficient of linear expansion, thermophysical properties.


The impact of Norsodyne O 12335 AL polyester resin content in epoxy oligomer ED-20 in terms of thermophysical properties has been investigated. The dynamics of the heat resistance index (according to Martens) of the composite with the increasing content of polyester resin in the epoxy oligomer to q = 120 weight parts and the optimal polyester binder content have been established. The change of thermal coefficient of linear expansion of epoxy-polyester composite in different temperature ranges and linear shrinkage from polyester resin content have been studied. It has been experimentally proved that with the introduction of Norsodyne O 12335 AL in the amount of q = 10–20 weight parts a composite material is formed, which is characterized by the minimum values of thermal coefficient of linear expansion in the following ranges: in the range of ΔТ = 303–323 К – α =1.6 10-5 К-1, in the range of ΔТ = 303–373 К – α =(2.0–2.5)10-5 К-1, in the range of ΔТ = 303–423 К – α =(3.8–3.9)10-5 К-1, in the range of ΔТ = 303–473 К – α =(8.8–8.9)10-5 К-1. At the same time indicators of linear shrinkage decrease in comparison with an epoxy matrix from Δl = 0.32 % to Δl = 0.13–0.14 %. It has been analyzed that the obtained values of thermal coefficient of linear expansion and linear shrinkage are correlated with the indicators of heat resistance (according to Martens) and with the previously studied values of physical and mechanical properties. The composition of the epoxy-polyester matrix has been established, which in the complex differs in the increased indicators of thermophysical properties. Based on the obtained results, an epoxy-polyester matrix has been developed, which is proposed to be used in the formation of protective coatings for parts of vehicles operating under the influence of variable and elevated temperatures.


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