About the Journal

Scholarly Journal:

«Journal оf Hydrocarbon Power Engineering»

Founder: Ivano-Frankivsk National Technical University of Oil and Gas (IFNTUOG) 

Published since: 2014.

International Standard Serial Number: ISSN (print) 2415-3184, ISSN (online) 2522-9508

Scope: the journal publishes materials on the results of research and production activities in the field of oil and gas transportation, exploration and production

Certificate of State Registration: Series КВ № 20352-10152Р of October 11, 2013

Publication frequency: twice a year
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Editor-in-Chief: Doctor Habilitatus in Technical Sciences, Professor Mykhailo Myslyuk
Assistant Editor: Doctor in Technical Sciences, Associate Professor Roman Bishchak
Address of the Editorial Office: IFNTUOG, 15 Karpatska st., Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine, 76019
Telephone: +38 (0342) 50-77-96

E-mail: mmyslyuk@ukr.net

Website (URL): http://ogpe.nung.edu.ua