Models, methods and means of ontology development of cyclic signal processing


  • S.A. Lupenko, Іa.V. Lytvynenko, A.M. Zozulya, Nnamene K. Chizoba, O.V. Volyanyk



ontology, modeling, processing methods, cyclic signals.


The paper presents the construction of conceptual and formal models of ontology in the subject area "Modeling and
processing of cyclic signals based on the theory of cyclic functional relations". There is implemented the ontology of
mathematical modelling of cyclic signals, namely, the ontology of cyclic functional relations in the OWL DL language in
The proposed ontology has allowed to present the theory of cyclic functional relations in machine-interpretive form, which
allows to serve as a basis for the development of onto-oriented information systems for modeling, generation, processing
(analysis, forecasting, decision making) of cyclic signals.


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