Multifunctional polymer composites for oil and gas production complex equipment


  • О. О. Sapronov*, P. О. Vorobiov, S. V. Yakushchhenko, А. V. Sapronova V. V. Sotsenko, К. Yu. Yurenin, О. V. Lytvynenko



destructive bending stresses, epoxy matrix, mathematical planning of the experiment, modulus of elasticity.


For the repair of pipeline transport, a polymer adhesive has been developed, which provides high indicators of adhesive strength. For its formation, ED-20 brand epoxy dian oligomer and plant filler with a dispersion of 400–600 nm and a content of q = 0.050–0.500 pts.wt. (per 100 pts.wt. of ED-20 epoxy oligomer) were used. Polyethylene polyamine PEPA hardener (q = 10 pts.wt.) was used to crosslink the epoxy binder. It is shown that the maximum value of tearing adhesive strength (σа = 33.6 MPa), shearing (  а = 11.2 MPa) and the minimum value of residual stresses (σres = 0.80–0.88 MPa) are characterized by materials containing filler of plant origin q = 0.075–0.100 pts.wt. Comprehensive studies of physical and mechanical properties were conducted, based on the results of which the optimal filler content in the reactoplastic matrix was established, which is q = 0.075–0.100 pts.wt. per 100 pts.wt. of epoxy oligomer ED-20 and 10 wt.h. PEPA hardener. Such composites are characterized by mechanical properties at bending: destructive stresses σfl = 102.9–118.7 MPa, modulus of elasticity E = 3.0–3.2 GPa. The content of additives of various dispersity in the ED-20 epoxy binder was determined by the method of mathematical planning of the experiment. This made it possible to obtain polymer coatings with a complex of improved mechanical properties: σfl = 107.3 MPa, E = 4.6 GPa.


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