Shale rocks of the Spassk suite of the Lower Cretaceous as the prospective objects for extracting hydrocarbons


  • A.P. Mazur, V.S. Bodnarchuk


mineral composition, organic matter, shales.


In connection with opportunities for extracting hydrocarbons from the condensing shale rocks there appears the necessity
for a detailed research, especially in the territory of Ukraine. Previously, these strata were considered only as oil and source
rocks. At present, it has been proved in the world that deposits enriched in organic matter can be both source and reservoir rocks.
In the Western region of Ukraine the black shale rocks of the Oligocene Menilite suite and the Spassk suite of the Lower
Cretaceous are the most enriched in organic matter. These sediments are most common within the Inner zone of the
Precarpathian foredeep (the Menilite suite), the Skybova zone of the Carpathians (the Menilite and Spassk suites) and the Krosno
zone (the Spassk suite). This work is focused on the Spassk suite of the Lower Cretaceous, which lies within the Krosno zone, its
detailed location, lithological and petrographic features. A thorough description of the mineral composition of the finished rock
sections is provided. The carboniferous organic matter of the black shale rocks of the Spassk suite is described in detail. All other
important mineral inclusions of prospective rocks, which occurred in finished rock sections within the studied regions, are
characterized. The material, submitted in the article, is the basis for the continuation of thorough geological and geophysical
researches within the selected perspective areas, and also the future possible production of industrial gas hydrocarbons.


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